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Mezzanine flooring

Author: Sharon Ensbury/06 May 2015/Categories: PRODUCT GUIDANCE, Site improvements

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The word mezzanine started life as a Latin word, medianus, meaning middle or central. It then changed to the Italian mezzano, before the French transformed it once more to mezzanine, the word we know today (hey thanks, Wikipedia!). It describes an intermediate floor between floors overlooking the level below, and can take a variety of forms.


From an industrial point of view, a mezzanine floor is a simple and cost effective way to maximise your space. Warehouses and office buildings, with their level flooring and high ceilings, are tailor made to accommodate mezzanine floors and, whether you’re looking to increase your office space or storage capability, there are a variety of options available. From simple steel frameworks to fully fitted concrete constructions, almost anything can be designed to complement your existing space.

There are also benefits to looking up, instead of out. Extensions and new buildings require space to construct, something that is often at a premium on office and warehouse sites. Giving up valuable parking or loading areas to construct new offices is not always possible, so a mezzanine installation allows you to increase your floor area without having to lose any external space. Another consideration is cost. In most instances, a mezzanine floor will cost less to install than a new building or extension as well as taking less time, minimising disruption to your business. Also, using space you already have is a much more sustainable way of doing things, something that is becoming more of a consideration to businesses.

As well as our wide range of materials handling products, bespoke steel fabrication and machinery service contracts, Action Handling are also able to design, construct and install mezzanine floor spaces for your business. Available in single or multi tier arrangements, each floor is individually designed to suit your facility and needs. All designs are fire rated and conform to building regulations and guidelines, plus a detailed site survey will be carried out by one of our qualified project managers, ensuring you get exactly what you need.

So what are you waiting for? Look up, not out, and take your business to the next level.


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