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Already prepared for the winter white stuff

Author: Dee Jones/30 November 2018/Categories: PREVIOUS BESPOKE PROJECTS, Site & Premises

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In the week that the clocks went back, a logistics giant and Action Handling were making plans to despatch winter packs directly to 22 distribution centres across the UK. 

With the dark nights drawing in and the cold wintery weather just around the corner it made sense to ensure that each distribution centre was issued with a winter pack, preparing them for any ice and snow in the months ahead. In total we shipped 69 grit salt bins, 37 salt spreaders and 412 snow shovels to the customer’s distribution hubs in order to keep each individual site ready for bad winter weather. This ensures that staff will be kept safe from the risk of slips and falls by having the right equipment and tools to keep walkways, paths, car parks and loading bays clear of the snow or ice that might form during the winter period. 

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The type of products that can help companies keep safe in winter weather

  • Pedestrian salt spreaders are perfect for clearing pathways and eradicating dangerous slippery conditions under foot. Being small and versatile the spreader is very easy to push around the site with ease and manoeuvre even in relatively tight spots especially by entrance areas and smoking shelters based on the site. Gritting is the most common and most cost effective method of de-icing floors, pathways, car parks and loading bays. 

  • Rock salt or grit, is easy to store and apply and is used widely by local councils, retailers and industries for this purpose. The grit salt prevents ice from forming and can also melt existing ice as well. The best time to grit your pathways and outdoor areas is early in the evening and first thing in the morning. Of course it is also important to keep an eye on the situation during the day as adverse weather conditions can change very quickly. This may require you to top up the process before any rain, sleet or snow occurs because otherwise applying the de-icer during a storm will mean you run the risk of it simply getting washed away.

  • The salt grit bins help preserve the salt by keeping it dry. The salt is far more effective if it is kept dry prior to being spread, so salt bin lids should be kept closed when not in use. If you see any salt bin lids which have been left open you should close them immediately to preserve the quality of the salt so it can work at its optimum best. The bins are water resistant and very robust, being made from strong polyethylene which is designed to hold a large capacity, yet they are easy to transport and place into position. They are also brightly coloured to stand out on a site wherever placed with the wording GRIT-SALT moulded into the front of each storage bin to identify the contents. This will help to ensure accident books stay clear of winter slips and falls!

  • Snow shovels have a traditional heavy duty design with long wooden handles to help staff remove snow from pathways, car parks and loading bay areas. They are lightweight but durable and fitted with a rust proof blade that has an ergonomic design to reduce muscle strain for the staff that have to use them. Having them to hand at all times provides an immediate solution to shifting the white stuff from the ground!

So be winter ready, develop a plan and get your site prepared in good time.


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