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Self tipping skips

Help with recycling and site safety

Author: Dee Jones/29 August 2019/Categories: WORKPLACE ADVICE, A safe, clean environment, PREVIOUS BESPOKE PROJECTS, Site & Premises

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roll forward tipping skip

A County Durham based company recently approached us to manufacture three bespoke roll forward tipping skips. Having seen our standard range of skips online, they talked to our sales manager, Jon Ball about having their specific needs and requirements met.

A recent spike in business had caused an increase in scrap and waste materials to build up in the production and distribution areas of the facility. The company’s operations manager had rightly flagged up concerns of employee safety to the health and safety manager. The overflow of discarded waste posed a serious problem regarding the risks of trip hazards for staff going about their daily business. Also visitors to the site needed to be far better protected, so everyone was keen to source a solution to the issue.

The humble self-tipping skip is hugely popular with many of our customers. They are predominantly used in production areas, warehouses and recycling points. The standard duty self-tipping skip is made with a 3mm thick steel body with an extra heavy-duty under frame which makes them perfect for the collection and disposal of waste around factory and production lines.

tipping skip in use 

The site at County Durham needed a bespoke size of body to maximise their recycling requirement, so a body size of 1410mm long x 794mm wide and 781mm high was produced, along with the fitting of four corner lifting lugs that could be used to lift the skip onto vehicles for transport between different parts of the site. The skips were also fitted on a castor base with 150mm dia wheels that could allow the skips to be manoeuvred in tight areas and moved over shorter distances. The operation to release the load from the skip into a hopper is normally a basic hand pull lever but in this case we provided a mechanism that enables the steel body of the skip to roll forward and empty the load from a higher position into the recycling area without the fork-lift driver having to even leave his seated position. 

These bespoke self-tipping skips were made and delivered to site within 10 days!


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