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PVC Strip Curtain - buying guide

Regulate temperatures in your premises, keep the dust out and increase safety

Author: Dee Jones/21 May 2021/Categories: HEALTH & SAFETY, Creating safe working conditions, PRODUCT GUIDANCE, Site improvements, WORKPLACE ADVICE, A safe, clean environment

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PVC strip curtains have a variety of uses when installed in factory, warehouse or despatch areas. They can be used to keep the heat out in the summer and keep the heated air within the area during the colder months. They provide segregation between different work areas allowing for various processes to take place without disrupting each other. Keeping dust, debris, insects and even pests away from the workplace is very important and these curtains can help to achieve this as well. Relative to solid doors they are very low cost and are easy to maintain and keep clean. They are very popular in cold rooms or walk in freezer environments and are used extensively throughout buildings as internal doors whilst also supporting external doorways that would otherwise need to be kept closed without them. The design choice can be such that they will not restrict pedestrian, machine or vehicle access.

pvc curtains

There are several important points to consider before buying a PVC strip curtain:

  1. The physical size of the entrance to be filled - measure the height x width of the opening in metres/mm.
  2. The thickness of the PVC strip – 2mm for light duty internal pedestrian doors, dust or welding screens and 3/4mm for heavy duty areas with forklifts or similar vehicle access.
  3. PVC strip grade – polar for cold store/freezer, bronze or green for welding and clear for all other applications.
  4. The degree of strip overlap - 100% for exterior doors and/or heavy duty vehicle access. Also use this for heights over 3.5m and then choose 50% for most other applications.
  5. The type of strip fixing – under lintel hook-on fixings are easy to install and suitable for pedestrian curtains. Face fixings are best suited for heavy duty use and areas where machine/vehicle access will occur. If that usage is frequent then a twin track slide curtain fitting may be better suited but you will have to allow additional width for this as they will be moved aside during the period of use.

If you need assistance ordering strip curtains, it's imperative to seek professional advice as once supplied, these items cannot be returned, so could end up being an unwanted mistake.

curtain hooks
Hook on fitting
twin track
Twin track fixing


PVC strip curtains are extremely hard wearing and with some regular care they should last for many years. Cleaning the PVC strip is advised if the PVC becomes stained or dirty and if any strips become damaged and need replacing then it is possible to purchase PVC strips by the roll and then cut them to the desired length before hanging them back up in place of the damaged strip.

The PVC strip curtain can be ordered online and the prices are given per metre square, so multiply the height of the opening by the width, which you should round up to the nearest full metre. Then choose your fitting, strip grade and overlap. If you are in any doubt, ask for help from the supplier of how to specify and place your order. It is very important to have accurate measurements because once the curtain is cut and supplied it cannot be returned.

pvc curtains in use



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