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We know bad weather is on the way, so why not prepare early!

Winter packs can help solve your problems

Author: Dee Jones/01 November 2021/Categories: Creating safe working conditions, WORKPLACE ADVICE, A safe, clean environment

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The two things about the British weather that we all know, is that first off it is not predictable and the second is that we never seem to be prepared for it! Snow in November right through to March or beyond is a distinct possibility and yet businesses across the UK systematically fail to be ready to deal with what should be an inconvenience rather than a complete disaster. Companies would fair better by assessing the risks and then order the equipment and supplies needed in advance so they will be better prepared for what is coming!

icy yard

The Met Office as always, offer good advice on the dangers ahead, so it’s recommended to take advantage of the forewarning and stock up in anticipation of bad weather. We are finding that many firms are starting to look at their past experiences and are drawing up advance plans. However, the delay in purchasing the necessary items could leave them considerably exposed when the inevitable happens.
Winter Packs are a great way of having all the essentials on site and ready for immediate use. None of the contents are perishable or going out of date, so it is advisable to buy early and avoid the rush to scramble around when nationwide supplies run low. The equipment and the consumables can easily be stored and are ready at hand when the call to action is needed.

grit bin
Plastic grit bin
snow shovel
Wide head snow shovel
Grit spreader
telescopic shovel
Telescopic shovel


Some customers prefer tailor made winter packs that comprise of the precise equipment that they feel fits their own particular risk analysis. Good advice is always on hand to help combine the right products required for individual requirements. These would certainly include grit/salt bins, spreaders, salt, shovels and snow scoops. Firms with vehicle fleets are  also including telescopic fold up shovels to carry onboard their trucks, as these are proving invaluable in helping drivers to extricate themselves when stuck in snow or icy conditions.

Winter preparation equipment can be purchased individually so smaller companies can choose smaller quantities. However, larger organisations with more than one depot can benefit from having a selection of items made into a purchase pack. These packs are ideal for delivery to multi-site destinations throughout the UK.

Winter is coming … be prepared, don’t wait until it’s too late!



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