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Stepping up

Working with ladders

Author: Sharon Ensbury/27 July 2015/Categories: PRODUCT GUIDANCE, Height access

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Step Right Up

The basic design of a ladder hasn’t really changed since the very earliest days of their use, some 10,000 years ago according to the most recent archaeological evidence. Ladders have been found in Egyptian tombs and Mesolithic sites, symbolic representations showing up in ancient texts from around the world.

And when you think about it, a ladder is a very well designed construct - a series of evenly spaced rungs between two uprights - so it’s no wonder they are still in use today. From the moment the very first ladder was invented, it has been a perfectly useful tool. But humans being humans, we have taken that simple design and reworked it over and over again to come up with an array of ladders, each with its own specific application.

Ladders these days can be fixed onto vehicles or hung from walls and ceilings, folded and stretched and bent into shape. There are ladders that fold into two or even three parts, ladders fixed in place with circular guards to protect climbers from falling. There are ladders that can be hooked onto windowsills at a moment’s notice (great for escaping those unwanted meetings), ladders that can be carried by one person and ladders that require three or more sets of hands to be manoeuvred.

Different tasks call for different materials - for example, when working around electricity it’s recommended to use a fibreglass, rather than aluminium, ladder to avoid accidental electric shock. Fibreglass ladders have been around since the 1940’s, when the first aluminium-fibreglass hybrid ladder was produced. Since then, they’ve become essential equipment for professionals in the building trades, prized for their durable material, safe construction and low maintenance finish.

Just about every business can use a ladder in one capacity or another. Safety starts with the user when it comes to working with ladders, so it’s important to make the right choice for the job at hand.

This is why, at Action Handling, we stock such a comprehensive range of ladders and safety steps. Whatever your job requirements, we have a ladder to suit your needs. And our custom design service ensures that, if you need something outside the ordinary, we can make it for you.


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