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Taking steps to safety

Reducing the risk of work place injuries caused by improper handling

Author: Sharon Ensbury/04 August 2015/Categories: HEALTH & SAFETY, Safety when working at height

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Safety steps are one of the most frequently used pieces of handling equipment. They come in several different formats and, if used appropriately for the job at hand, play a great role in reducing the risk of work place injuries caused by improper handling.

Many materials handling workplaces require staff to either carry heavy objects or reach for items at height. Safety steps are designed to ensure that people can move items or work at height without putting any stress on their back or other body parts.

Overloading and overstretching can cause serious injury, so it’s advisable to use safety steps when working with objects at height. In particular, safety steps should always be provided in situations where employees need to lift objects above their head, to avoid immense pressure on the spine and risk of serious injury.



If your workplace requires you to work at height, using safety steps to do so is by far the safest option. Safety guidelines recommend the use of secure, stable platforms where employees can comfortably stand and accomplish their work. Before use,




  • ensure employees are trained to work at height,
  •  that the equipment has been thoroughly inspected and that it is placed securely into position.

Resist the temptation to set up temporary platforms or use ladders that are too short for the job – otherwise you risk serious injury to yourself and others. If you are using a ladder, make sure it is set firmly on and against a stable surface, and avoid being at height for more than thirty minutes at a time. For more lengthy tasks, there are various types of Safety Steps available – it’s part of managing health and safety to select the


correct one for the job.


At Action Handling we supply a range of steps and ladders to suit your needs:

Mobile Safety Steps

This range of safety steps feature wheels and castors on the base, meaning they can be easily moved between different locations. Immobilisation brakes are fitted as standard to provide safe user operation.
See more here:

Standard Safety Steps

We also supply traditional workman’s safety steps along with some fantastic multipurpose products for more awkward site jobs. All our safety steps are fully compliant with current safety regulations.

Read more here:


Our ladder range comprises normal aluminium extension ladders plus specialist ladder access products. We can offer expert help and advice with all your enquiries, as well as a bespoke steel construction service should you not find exactly what you need.

See our full range of ladders here:

Access Towers

Access towers are used extensively throughout the industry, providing a safe and stable platform from which engineers can operate at height. We have a superb range of the most popular types available, designed and constructed to meet optimum health and safety requirements

Access to our access towers is here:

If you need help with safety steps take a look at our in our online catalogue. and speak to one of our friendly sales team.


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