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Making bespoke mesh trolleys to exactly meet the criteria set

There’s no need to settle for second best!

Author: Dee Jones/08 May 2024/Categories: PREVIOUS BESPOKE PROJECTS, Trucks, Trailers & Trolleys

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mesh trolley

Sometimes, businesses tend to opt for second best when investing in new equipment, which isn't necessary. Decisions are frequently based on browsing for standard products without discussing the best cost-effective alternatives with the supplier or thinking slightly 'outside the box'.

We were contacted by a regular customer from the medical diagnostic industry. They operate in a specifically sterile environment and most of their equipment must conform to health standards that comply with the need for medically clean areas throughout their premises. Handling equipment is always a concern in terms of cleanliness so certain traditional materials were considered unsuitable for use in this case. The client outlined that blood samples were to be moved between laboratories and into a cold storage fridge that had temperatures reaching down to -20 degrees celsius. In addition, the labs are typically quiet and previous trolleys equipped with castors produced an intolerable level of noise for lab technicians.

Our representative visited the site, observed the operation, noted some details and left with a specialised sample tray used for containing the multiple blood samples that the company processes. We evaluated traditional trolleys and considered the use of stainless steel and aluminium, but both turned out to be overly expensive. Plastic proved unsuitable due to its tendency to crack at low temperatures, leading us to adopt a mild steel frame, coated with a bright zinc-plated finish. The trolley was constructed using tube and mesh infill with rod support bars, resulting in a lightweight design that eased the movement of the trolleys in constrained spaces. We then addressed the issue of the castors, testing various types before settling on blue thermoplastic wheels with a 125mm diameter, equipped with a roller bearing. These wheels allowed us to minimize the noise produced while moving the trolleys and offered superior performance in cold store conditions. They have non-marking tyres, thus ensuring various aesthetic floorings remain unaffected by their use.

mesh trolley>
mesh trolley

The trolleys have a 500kg capacity and measure 1690mm high x 900mm wide x 650mm deep with two rod infilled shelves. We also supplied magnetic A4 document holders for identification of storage destination details.

Initially we supplied a one-off sample trolley for the client to test out and this was followed up by an order for 40 units in phase one of the project with the likely eventual quantity rising to 120 units.

When quoting for bespoke projects it is often best to research some industry information applicable to your individual client. For this instance, we referred to the National Institute For Health and Care Excellence. The source provided us with some good basic information about cleanliness and the usual equipment used in this particular industry.

When considering the cost implications of providing bespoke made equipment, customers are often very surprised to find out that there is only a relatively small increase in the price of such items over the standard types of products on offer. For a small premium you can have exactly what you need so there’s no need to settle for second best!


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