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The importance of effective access equipment

If shortcuts are taken (intentionally or not) and accidents occur as a result, the consequences can be dire

Author: Sharon Ensbury/11 August 2015/Categories: HEALTH & SAFETY, Safety when working at height , WORKPLACE ADVICE, Gain elevation

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Complying with Health & Safety regulations and keeping your employees safe is one of the top priorities for any business. If shortcuts are taken (intentionally or not) and accidents occur as a result, the consequences can be dire. In a worst-case scenario, people are badly injured or even lose their lives, leading to serious legal repercussions for the employers and business.

One key way to address risk management is to provide suitable equipment for employees to use for specific tasks. The correct choice of access equipment and safety steps can eliminate a great deal of risk, so keeping this equipment well-maintained and up to date can make all the difference.

An Accident waiting to happen

If employees are not provided with correct equipment, they can (and undoubtedly will) end up putting themselves in harm’s way. Over-reaching for items in awkward positions will put someone off balance, which can result in tragic consequences. By providing staff with the correct access equipment and training, you can prevent problems like this from arising.

Business advantages

In addition to risk management, using the correct safety steps, access equipment and platforms can also be beneficial to your bottom line. Having the correct equipment on hand when required contributes towards streamlining and speeding up your operations, making them more effective. So, while you may have to make an initial investment, you should see returns that far exceed your initial outlay, both in employee safety and productivity.

Take your pick

Action Handling offer a range of step ladders, including folding or kick-along step versions that are ideal for use in a range of locations from offices and warehouses, to kitchens and gardens – the choice is yours.

We also supply aluminium telescopic ladders, which can be extended to working heights in excess of 3.8 metres yet are small enough to be transported in the back seat of any car!

Browse our range of smaller safety steps, mobile platforms and other access equipment  - or, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, speak to our bespoke steel construction service about creating a bespoke material handling solution specific to your needs.

By taking Action now (no pun intended), you can boost your peace of mind and help to protect your employees, not to mention your firm’s reputation and finances. So browse our website or give us a call – our friendly sales team – are here to help.

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