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Looking Good - The Autumn Leaves

Author: Sharon Ensbury/18 November 2014/Categories: ACTIONPOST NEWSLETTERS, 2014

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Looking Good!

As well as a smart new logo and strapline: 'with you every step of your working day', you will soon be seeing a facelift to our website in addition to enhanced functionality. We'll keep you posted on the progress.

Stunning colours! But if you have company premises, then falling leaves can be a big problem to handle. There's no escaping them, even at home the decaying foliage becomes an unwanted headache to have to deal with.

Fallen leaves continue to create a hazard and a mess from late September through to mid December depending on the weather and your geographic location in the country. Here's some helpful advice to assist you in dealing with this hazard.


The train companies can grind to a halt due to leaves on the line. Forecourts, yards and loading areas can easily become a haven for piles of dead leaves. It may be prudent for you to keep pedestrian areas clear of leaves to avoid any slips, trips or falls that can lead to a compensation claim.

Assess the risks


So how do we traditionally deal with leaf clearance? Well probably most will take employees away from their normal productive tasks to deal with the situation in hand.

One solution is arm yourself with brooms, shovels and refuse bags? A very tedious manual task can ensure the necessary clearance, however as we know well, the leaves tend to keep coming back for weeks if not months on end! Then there is the problem of how you actually dispose of the leaves once they are collected.

Here are some suggestions that may help you save some hard earned cash in that direction.


Leaves on the lawn?
How to build healthy soil
Blow the problem away

Dealing with the fallen leaves can also be better handled by the use of some clearance equipment. This saves the unenviable task of back breaking sweeping by staff that are better used in other parts of your operation.

Some businesses also find that leaves manage to enter their premises. Bad fitting warehouse doors and open entrance/exits are an easy way for the wind to blow fallen leaves into your workplace. The employment of PVC strip curtains is a common way of dealing with this problem. There is a variety of size and style options to choose from. They also act as a good way of keeping your building temperature better controlled and will also help to keep dust and pollution levels lower.
PVC curtains

So be prepared……Autumn colours are fabulous to look at but you can save yourself time, effort and money by risk assessing the hazards and making sure that you have the correct equipment to deal with this time of year.

The Legacy Continues
Paul Phillips awards the John Phillips Seniors Golf Trophy

Paul Phillips, Managing Director of Action Handling takes great pride in presenting the John Phillips Seniors Trophy at Bush Hill Park Golf Club.

"As well as an esteemed MD at Action Handling, my father was a great golfing man so after his untimely death in 2007, donating the trophy seemed the logical thing to do".

Paul enjoys attending the annual award dinner and ceremony. His amusing presentation is always well received ... the golf club is renowned for having polite members!

We're Tickled Pink!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month - update

We have raised £117.83 through your generosity and our 'guys in pink bras' fund raiser (don't they look great)! So a huge thank you from us all.

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