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The benefits of specialist storage racks

Author: Sharon Ensbury/09 September 2015/Categories: PRODUCT GUIDANCE, Stock storage

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At Action Handling, we tend to get a lot of enquiries from customers about storage for unusual shaped products and equipment. After all, the materials handling industry deals with a vast range of supplies and products across a whole range of industries, so a one-size-fits-all approach is not the best option when it comes to storage. It’s easy to browse and purchase shelving or racking that conforms to a fixed storage area but not so easy to find something suitable when your product is a little different from the norm.


So if your goods are awkward in physical size or are heavy in relation to their overall point loading, consider our specialist storage racks. They’re a great solution to most storage problems, offering you an effective and secure way to store goods of almost any shape or size. For example, individual racks can be spaced apart so that extra-long items like steel tubes and bars are spread across several racks, ensuring that their load is equally split between the load points. Loading and unloading of such equipment is also far easier than if they were housed in a conventional shelving unit. These shelving racks can be tailor made to suit both your exact product and the precise way that your company wishes to handle it.

Our specialist storage racks can be constructed from many different types of steel section to support loads between 250kg – 20,000kg. We can also provide bolt plates to secure the racks to flooring if this is deemed to be necessary for health & safety requirements. The type of finish is also important when considering the operations that you are carrying out and whether the equipment is to be used externally or in a warehouse type of environment.

If you do require specialist storage racks, we recommend having a site visit to ascertain exactly what is required and what’s possible within the available space. Speak to our team of experts for the best value solution to suit your needs.

For more information about our specialist storage racks, bespoke steel fabrication service, or any other product advice, give our sales team a call. We are a friendly sales team  here to help.

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