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Card planning systems

Keeping everything organised in one place

Author: Sharon Ensbury/11 September 2015/Categories: PRODUCT GUIDANCE, Site improvements

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Planning. It’s a huge part of running every business, whether large or small. Meetings are devoted to it, whole reams of paper used up documenting it, and a vast amount of energy dispensed to implement it. In a digital age, when messages, diaries and schedules can be accessed and managed at the touch of a screen, it may seem a touch old-fashioned to use a simple wall-mounted planning system. And yet, there are benefits to such a system that you won’t get from the latest phone or tablet. 

The main and most obvious benefit is that a system card planner won’t run out of battery, lose reception or require upgrading as new software comes along. You don’t have to charge it or worry about losing it, and it’s visible to all. The system works using a system of cards in pockets, which can be arranged to suit your organisational needs - an easy way to manage maintenance schedules, office systems, staff movements or forward planning.


Go into the office of most businesses and you will find things tacked to the walls above desks, an instant visual reminder of procedures, ideas or upcoming projects. You can have the most up-to-date computer system in the world, but there will always be a need for those extra reminders, showing us our plans at a glance. Sure, there are virtual organisers available, but if you have a system that needs to be managed and accessed by more than one person, a card planner allows everyone to view and implement procedures at the same time. Also, if you work in an industry where tablets or computers are not suitable for use in some areas, a card planning system is an easy way to keep staff up to date.

Action Handling supply a selection of card planning systems that can be used with cards in a variety of sizes. Each system comes on a single panel and includes wall mountings as well as cards, while the satin black and aluminium finish will complement just about any workplace. Colour coding aids, multi column formats and different card colours make it easy for you to set up your system to suit your specific needs.

So plan ahead. Get organised. Then put it on the wall and share it with everyone else. It’s easy, with a card planning system.


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