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Expo 4 assembly instructions

Keeping things simple

Author: Sharon Ensbury/29 September 2015/Categories: PRODUCT GUIDANCE, Stock storage

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One of the more popular shelving ranges at Action Handling is our Expo 4 range. Like many of our shelving units, it’s suitable for a variety of different work environments and has a number of additional accessories available. Here’s our illustrated guide to assembling your Expo 4 shelves - enjoy!

  If the depth to height ratio is greater than 4:1, then the bays should be secured to the base or back wall using the wall tie supplied.



Step 1

Insert the plastic foot onto one end of each upright, or bolt the metal foot onto the upright using the M6 x 40 bolt, nut and washer

 Step 2
Lay the uprights flat and position the horizontal battens, making sure they miss the position of any shelves. Then tap down with a rubber mallet.
Step 3
With a flat bladed screwdriver gently push the tab of the batten into the upright, thereby stopping it from accidentally being knocked out.
   Step 4
Place the top and bottom shelves onto the clips, using a firm tap of the hand to maximise the friction design of the shelf and clip.
Option 1
Now add the X brace to the back of the bay. You will need the M5 x 15 nut and bolt with an 8mm nut runner (provided). Fix each end of the brace to the upright and then bolt in centre of the X.
Option 2
If the racks need to be clear entry then add the H brace to the front or backs of the bay. Position two braces for every two bays at a shelf position.

Side Cladding
The side cladding will come supplied as two panels. Slide the first panel down into the frame and place the black plastic joining rib on top ready to receive the next panel.
Hook In Back Cladding
To aid the installation of the hook-in back panels, leave the top and bottom shelves loosely fitted. Clip the first panel 100mm off the floor into the slots in the face of the upright. Then tap it down so the black plastic U clip can be put into the slot to stop the panels popping back out. Once the first bay in a run is built you can then fit the hook-in back panels and frames, leaving the shelves until last.
Flat Sheet Back Cladding
With the bays fixed together and one bay having a shelf fitted top, middle and bottom, you can now loosely fit a bottom shelf. Then take the first cladding panel and place it between the upright and shelf as indicated in the sketch above.

With the bottom panel in position place a shelf level near the top of the bottom panel to hold it steady. Now place the black plastic joining rib on top of the bottom cladding panel. Then place the top panel by inserting it into the black plastic joining rib.
Tip – you may find it useful positioning the clips for the top shelf before fitting the panel as this will help retain the panel until the shelf is fitted.


And there you have it - a completed shelf bay!

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