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Hygienic shelving

Cleaning as part of equipment maintenance

Author: Sharon Ensbury/01 October 2015/Categories: WORKPLACE ADVICE, Maintenance

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Take a look around your business premises. Really take a good hard look. How do your shelves look? Are they clean and tidy, or have they amassed dirt, dust and debris from use over time?

At Action Handling, we visit a lot of business premises and every so often the question comes up of keeping shelving units clean. Usually there is one of two reasons that shelves are not cleaned down regularly. Either the proprietor is concerned about the effects of water and cleaning on the shelving surface (particularly in instances where the shelves are made of chipboard or plywood), or the proprietor feels that the items being stored will not be affected by less than hygienic conditions.

At Action Handling, we would argue that regular cleaning is part of equipment maintenance, and can contribute to extending the life of your shelving range. Even if the items being stored won’t be affected by dirt or debris, providing your clients with dirty boxes or packaging is not ideal. If you do store items that require a clean environment, choosing a shelving material such as plastic, aluminium or stainless steel that can be easily washed down will make the job of keeping the area clean much easier. Additionally, keeping your warehouse or storage area clean reduces the risk of dirt being carried into other areas of your business, such as offices, bathrooms or kitchen areas.

As well as our large selection of shelving, Action Handling supply a range of cleaning supplies, including pressure washers, vacuums, sweepers and protective clothing. So if your business is in need of a spruce up, browse our website or give us a call, our friendly sales team  are here to help .

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