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Author: Sharon Ensbury/27 October 2015/Categories: PREVIOUS BESPOKE PROJECTS, Trucks, Trailers & Trolleys

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Action Handling can supply bespoke trucks and trolleys to your specifications – choose the finish, the size, the handling capacity, and we will make it happen. Each of our bespoke trucks and trolleys feature a powder-coated finish (unless you specify otherwise), which radically increases the product life in the most demanding environments. We offer seven standard colours (white, blue, yellow, red, orange, green or grey) – however, if you have a RAL code for your corporate colours then we can match these so that your trolley (or fleet of trolleys!) reflects your corporate image.

Some of the units in our range are also available with galvanized, zinc plated or alloy finishes, so the end look of the product is really up to you. Besides the finish, there are a number of things to consider when ordering a new truck or trolley – here are some of the most important aspects:

The Conditions

Consider the ground conditions where the trolley will be used – then you can decide which wheel will best suit the terrain. i.e. the rougher the ground the bigger the wheel. Temperature is also important. For instance, if your trolley will be used in cold stores we can adapt the wheels to ensure you get the maximum life from them, as well as configuring the handles for users wearing gloves.

The Load

We supply sack barrows and trolleys all over the world, all to complete the same task: Moving a load from A to B.  However, the size and shape of the load dictates the type of trolley being used. For example, your truck or trolley needs to be two thirds the length and the width of the load that you are carrying to ensure stability of the load. If your load is an unusual shape, straps may be required to secure it to the trolley so it can be transported safely.

The Operator.

It’s a good idea to take into account the person who will be working with the trolley, as sometimes, different people require different equipment. Consider height, strength and any physical impairment that may affect your requirements or their ability to work with the equipment.

Once you’ve sorted out these elements, then we can get started on the colour! 


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