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A Good Housekeeper

NuKeeper Product Range

Author: Sharon Ensbury/02 November 2015/Categories: PRODUCT GUIDANCE, Stock handling

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Our NuKeeper product range offers an extensive choice of cleaning equipment, opening up a multitude of possibilities within the professional cleaning sector. Much of the product range is unique, with key patented features designed to blend today’s technology with our own brand of quality-based common-sense engineering.

To complement the NuKeeper line, Action Handling provides an exceptional range of accessories. After all, the success of most cleaning projects lies in ensuring that staff are provided with equipment specific to their requirements. We can only expect cleaning standards to improve if we, in turn, improve the equipment and facilities with which those standards must be achieved.

Here are some recent innovations:

  • Microfibre technology - an environmentally friendly option, leading to a reduced reliance on aggressive chemicals
  • Automatic water separation - mopping as it should be done, raising efficiency and standards.
  • Structofoam construction - a professional choice, providing long-life and total reliability.
  • Colour coding throughout - enables planning and control to the highest of standards.

When it comes to design innovation, the NuKeeper accessory range is given the same priority as the equipment itself. It not only allows initial customizing of equipment, but also future modifications due to changing requirements.

Nu Kepper flexi front trolleyNKS11/12FF (NKS – NuKeeper Single,
FF – Flexi-Front)

The NuKeeper flexi-front model offers innovative design and the practicality of a flexi-front cover… equipment disappears when not needed, yet is always there when needed – instantly.

The unit comprises a full Structofoam chassis, 200mm soft ride castors and all round soft bump and corner protection. A single storage module with 3 internal drawers and one inboard 100-litre laundry bag as standard (NKS11FF), an optional second outboard kit (NKA100) is available, making an NKS12FF. The pull through flexi-front closure system stores out of sight when open but closes in seconds, making it practical when in use and tidy when not.

NKL15/16/17FF (NKL – NuKeeper Low Line, FF – Flexi-Front)

The NuKeeper low line models have a lower profile than the NKS and NKT - yet retain all of the NuKeeper features. Designed for use in medium size establishments.

A Structofoam chassis with 200mm soft ride castors and all round bump protection in a classic configuration. The unit has plenty of internal shelf space and drawer storage, plus is available with the option of one or two outboard laundry bag extensions (kit NKA100). With one kit the model becomes the NKL16FF, with two kits it becomes the NKL17FF. Once again, the pull-through flexi-front closure makes for a practical and tidy finish.

NKT-20/21/22FF (NKT – NuKeeper Twin, FF – Flexi-Front)

The most generously proportioned model in the NuKeeper range, providing plenty of shelf space and internal drawer storage. 

The three sided panel style is neat, tidy and professional, and is complemented by the simple Numatic original pull-through front cover system, which stores in the back out of sight during use but is instantly available when needed. Available with optional outboard laundry bag extensions (bag kit NKA100) which, when specified with one becomes the NKT21FF or with two the NKT22FF.

Let’s face it ... a better housekeeper would be pretty darn hard to find!


For more information about our housekeeping and  bespoke steel fabrication service, give us a call - our friendly sales team  are here to help.


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