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Staff and student lockers

As Christmas approaches, is there enough room at the inn?

Author: Dee Jones/30 October 2018/Categories: WORKPLACE ADVICE, Furnishing premises

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school lockers

With Christmas almost upon us, is your business looking to increase its workforce by taking on extra temporary staff to help with the rush? Take a step back and look around your staff facilities; will the sudden increase of numbers put a greater strain on your existing cloakroom or staffroom? Will it become more challenging and difficult for everyone to find their belongings?

This problem isn’t just found seasonally with companies but also within educational establishments, schools and colleges that are noticing that success attracts more students and of course many of the buildings were designed to hold far fewer people. With the traditional method in primary schools of using coat hooks and benches, the sharp increase in pupil numbers makes it increasingly more difficult for a child to locate their belongings especially if students are taking a coat, school bag, PE kit, swimming kit and lunches etc. This can cause a serious delay that disrupts the flow of the school day.

Fitting good clothes lockers can be an economical yet stylish solution for creating better storage areas. They will not only increase the storage capacity but keep areas clutter free and help improve the look of the environment. They come with a wide choice of styles and colours it has never been easier to find a solution for increased staff or student levels.

plastic lockers

A plastic locker is an ideal choice for outdoor or wet area use, because these stunning lockers have a water-resistant construction making them the perfect storage solution when indoor space or dry area space simply isn’t available. They’re also highly practical, eye-catching and durable which makes them an ideal choice for anyone on the hunt for a company branding solution or just a colourful finish for primary school students.

Steel lockers offer good durability and a practical cost effective solution. They are made from sturdy sheet steel material that can stand the test of time. If you pick any from the Action Handling range, you can be assured that it uses quality steel and the painted finish will resist cracking and flaking, thus prevents any rusting. You can feel at ease that personal property will be well protected within its confines.

Wire mesh lockers are a great option if you need increased strength and rigidity. They are constructed with this in mind and they will also provide more ventilation than either a conventional steel or plastic locker. This makes them the ultimate option for construction sites where work clothing may come in contact with fumes that would require the workwear to have adequate ventilation when no longer in use or just to let the clothing dry off if it has become wet whilst working on site.

If you have any cloakroom, staff room or personal storage issues then we can help you resolve them. 


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