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ActionPost November 2018

Winter & Christmas will be here before you know it!

Author: Dee Jones/15 November 2018/Categories: ACTIONPOST NEWSLETTERS, 2018

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Winter & Christmas will be here before you know it!

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November news & updates

Beware! Workers new to the job could be at risk!
As companies recruit temporary workers to help cover the busy Xmas period, extra care should be taken for their safety. Workers are more likely to have an accident in a new industry or workplace during their first six months.
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Winter is coming ... hopefully not #GOT style!
Prepare to fail if you fail to prepare! Don't let your company be the one that didn't put in place precautions to deal with snow, ice and bad weather. It could mean the slowing down or even closure of your business operation!
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All in a worthy cause - help less fortunate kids have something to open on Christmas Day
Up until 18th November, you can donate filled shoe boxes for children who are in need. You can even follow your box to see where it gets sent to. Make a box up in your office or get your own kids involved, to help the less fortunate children of the world have a happy Christmas too.
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Santa Clause causes despatch crisis!
Don't let it happen to your company, take action now to avoid creating unhappy customers
The Christmas rush will inevitably mean a stretch on warehouse and factory resources. Increasing the flow of manufactured or stocked goods will require the measured increase in facilities to handle that the seasonal blip. Companies will need more trolleys, hand trucks, pallets and shelf space to cope, so do not leave it till the last moment to order your equipment. Please ensure that a huge problem is averted and pre-empted by speaking to the 'little helpers' at Action Handling! 

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