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ActionPost August 2019

Just what is at Southend on Sea? Thank you driver! The risks of using a ladder and UK Flooding

Author: Mark McAvoy/11 August 2019/Categories: ACTIONPOST NEWSLETTERS, 2019

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Just what is at Southend on Sea?

Just what is at Southend on Sea?

Your first thoughts might be ones of a typical British seaside resort, famous pier, amusement arcades and Punch and Judy shows on the beach. You would be forgiven for not thinking of a major airport or a world leader in aircraft seating manufacture.

Really? Tell me about it!

Thank you driver!

The red London bus is an iconic image recognised all over the world. There are 8,600 buses in the whole fleet, operating on 700 routes, serving 19,000 stops, carrying a jaw-dropping 6.5 million passengers each day. There is an immense behind-the-scenes maintenance schedule to uphold daily, to keep the fleet operational.

Look how we play our part

The risks of using a ladder

At one point or another during our lives, we’ve all found ourselves on a ladder. Whether it’s while painting the house, climbing into the loft or reaching for something on a high shelf, ladders are a simple way to climb up when objects are out of reach.

What can I do to be safer?
UK flooding crisis

UK flooding crisis

News about towns and villages suffering adverse flooding, is common place these days. With global warming, it is an inevitable problem that won't go away. More and more insurance companies refuse to give cover for flooding. What is Britain doing to tackle flooding? If you are unfortunate and are caught up in a flood - look here to see what to do.

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