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Newsletter April 2024

Doing our bit to help, in ways that we can

Author: Dee Jones/23 April 2024/Categories: NEWSLETTERS, 2024

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Action Handling’s annual charity sponsorship

3rd prize

Action Handling Equipment Ltd has been a proud sponsor of the annual charity event at Haverhill Golf Club for four consecutive years. This year the benefactor is The New Croft Foundation. Established in 2023, the foundation strives to make a difference in Haverhill and neighbouring areas by offering a diverse range of health, wellness, football and sporting activities.


Wanting to go old school?

Our online shop makes it easy for you to narrow down your search requirements by using product filters. That's just great for when you are in a hurry to make that purchase but what can you do if you just want to peruse the products at a more leisurely pace? Perhaps during a coffee break or lunch hour?

A highly sustainable approach is achieved with the use of online catalogues. These are created from pdf pages which are searchable and more importantly for you perusers out there - flippable! So feel free to flip away!

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A positive step towards net zero

recycle bin

Effective waste management is crucial for maintaining a sustainable and environmentally responsible society. Industrial waste bins play a vital role in that waste disposal processes, particularly for paper, general or recycling waste. The significance of specialised waste bins contributes to waste reduction, resource conservation and the promotion of a circular economy.

NEW products for 2024

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To save having to search through our website for the 2024 additions to our range of products, we’ve conveniently placed them all in one section, for quick and easy access.

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